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Quiz: Which 13 Reasons Why Character Are You Like Most?

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Netflix show “13 Reasons Why” became popular in effectively conveying “Don’t give up life” and a couple of such things amongst teens and young adults. This show’s characters, Clay Jenson, Alex, and others too occupied the mind of people. It carries immense excitement to see a character in oneself. Let us find out which 13 reasons why character are you like most by this entertaining quiz.

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1. How do you usually feel?

119344 Sneaky
119345 Vulnerable
119346 Ambitious
119347 Sleepy

2. Which of the part-time job had you taken up at the age of 16?

119348 Movie Theatre Clerk
119349 Babysitter
119350 No job, only study
119351 Waiter/Waitress

3. What is your take on parties?

119352 They are timewasters, not for me
119353 If my friends are there, I am there
119354 Parties are livewire
119355 A chance to socialize

4. Which adjective best describes you?

119356 Attractive
119357 Romantic
119358 Fearless
119359 Reliable

5. What is your Saturday night activity?

119360 Watching Netflix
119361 Driving around the downtown area
119362 Scrolling through social media
119363 Studying

6. In a friendship, what is most important for you?

119364 Trust
119365 Fun
119366 Honesty
119367 Acceptance

7. Are you an extrovert or introvert?

119368 Extrovert
119369 Introvert
119370 Not sure
119371 A bit of both

8. Which is your favorite drink from the following?

119372 Soda
119373 Hot Chocolate
119374 Coffee
119375 Vodka

9. According to you, which is the best medium to express yourself?

119376 Writing
119377 Sex
119378 Music
119379 Crying

10. What is your fashion style?

119380 Casual/relaxed
119381 Formal
119382 Sexy
119383 Active/ Sporty
Let’s start the quiz

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