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Quiz: What Percent Canadian Are You? Let's Test Yourself.

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Questions & Options

1. What coffee brand do you want to dig in?

88846 Starbucks
88847 Barista
88848 Dunkin’ Donuts
88849 Tim Hortons

2. How cold can be the winters?

88850 10°c and less
88851 Less than 0°c
88852 Temperature goes down to -30°c
88853 Are there any winters?

3. Do you know Santa is Canadian?

88854 No, he is American!
88855 What?
88856 Yes, he is!
88857 He is European

4. Which one is right out of the following?

88858 Canada was first to discover crude oil
88859 Canada has dense evergreen forests
88860 Canada has a landing pad for UFOs
88861 Canada is a country with the largest area.

5. How polite are you?

88862 What!
88863 Sorry!
88864 Excuse me!
88865 Whatever!

6. Your colleague doesn’t know English or French which is the third probable language he/she knows?

88866 Do you need so many?
88867 It’s probably Spanish!
88868 It’s Punjabi!
88869 Maybe some from or samurai language

7. Which leaf is there on the Canadian flag?

88870 Chestnut
88871 Marijuana
88872 Maple
88873 Olive

8. What sport do you follow?

88874 Hockey
88875 Football
88876 Basketball
88877 Nothing in particular

9. What is American beer?

88878 I don’t know
88879 Canadian beers are better
88880 They have less alcohol
88881 They are great

10. The USA is the biggest tourist destination for Canadians and vice versa.

88882 Why would Americans visit Canada?
88883 Maybe
88884 Actually yes
88885 Why they’ve made this international border than?
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