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Quiz: How Much You Know About S Jaishankar?

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The veteran bureaucrat and former foreign secretary S. Jaishankar is holding important charge of the Ministry of External Affairs in the new government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Jaishankar is considered an expert in China and America affairs. He has also been a representative of India in talks with China and America. S. Jaishankar has also served as India's ambassador to the US and China. He will also have the responsibility of implementing the hopes of increasing India's global influence on a global level, especially on global forums like G20, SCO, and BRICS. The Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer was Jaishankar. Let's take this quiz & know more about Subrahmanyam Jaishankar.

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1. When was S Jaishankar born?

82677 15 January 1952
82678 15 January 1954
82679 15 January 1957
82680 15 January 1959

2. Which is the Father's name of S. Jaishankar?

82681 K. Subrahmanyam
82682 Sambhaji Jaishankar
82683 Suresh Jaishankar
82684 None of these

3. Which is the Spouse name of s Jaishankar?

82685 Kyoko Jaishankar
82686 Mariyam Jaishankar
82687 Ryoko Jaishankar
82688 None of these

4. When did S Jaishankar become the head of the global corporate affairs of the Tata group?

82689 23 April 2012
82690 23 April 2014
82691 23 April 2018
82692 23 April 2020

5. When did S. Jaishankar join the Indian Foreign Service?

82693 In 1977
82694 In 1978
82695 In 1979
82696 In 1980

6. When was Jaishankar appointed as India's Foreign Secretary?

82697 09 January 2015
82698 19 January 2015
82699 26 January 2015
82700 29 January 2015

7. Jaishankar served as the first secretary in the Indian Embassy in Washington DC for how long?

82701 1982-1985
82702 1985-1986
82703 1985-1987
82704 1985-1988

8. In which year he was conferred with Padma Shri?

82705 In 2014
82706 In 2016
82707 In 2017
82708 In 2019

9. Jaishankar was then -------------- of Mission at the Indian Embassy in Tokyo from 1996 to 2000.

82709 Deputy Chief
82710 Deputy Director
82711 Managing Director
82712 None of these
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