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Quantum Entanglement Trivia Quiz

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1. Who is the founder of Quantum entanglement?

85021 Erwin Schrodinger
85022 Werner Heisenberg
85023 Niels Bohr
85024 None of these

2. That radiation and matter have properties both of particles and of waves is called what?

85025 Entanglement
85026 Confusion
85027 Wave-particle duality
85028 All of the above

3. Max Planck’s great discovery was that radiation energy is emitted in packets that he called...

85029 Gamma rays
85030 Quanta
85031 Both of the above
85032 None of these

4. The use of entanglement in which research and development is a very active area?

85033 Communication
85034 Computation
85035 Quantum radar
85036 All of the above

5. What is important to know to use Entanglement as a resource?

85037 Whether the pair of photons are entangled
85038 Whether the pair of Gamma rays are entangled
85039 Both of the above
85040 None of these

6. Which of the following is the mining of DIST in Entanglement?

85041 Device Implement Self Testing
85042 Device Independent Self Testing
85043 Both of the above
85044 None of these

7. In which year polarization correlation experiments were created between photons that never coexisted in time?

85045 In the year 2011 and 2012
85046 In the year 2014 and 2015
85047 In the year 2015 and 2016
85048 In the year 2012 and 2013

8. According to which? "The arrow of time is an arrow of increasing correlations."

85049 According to Heinz Pagels
85050 According to Martin Nowak
85051 According to Seth Lloyd
85052 None of these

9. Entanglement is a --------------feature of quantum mechanics lacking in classical mechanics.

85053 Tertiary
85054 Secondary
85055 Primary
85056 None of these

10. In which year Erwin Schrodinger found Quantum entanglement?

85057 In 1920
85058 In 1926
85059 In 1929
85060 In 1924
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