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Magnetic Effects Of Electric Currents Trivia Quiz

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We observe the magnetic effect of electric current, when a compass is brought near the conductor, the needle of the compass is deflected due to the flow of electricity. This shows that electric current creates a magnetic effect, this effect of electric current is called the magnetic effect of electric current, and the magnetic effect of electric current is known as the electromagnetic effect. The area around a magnet where its magnetic effect can be experienced is called the magnetic field, the direction and force of the magnetic field are represented by the magnetic lines of force. So let's start this quiz and Compare your knowledge about the Magnetic Effects Of Electric Currents.

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1. Who was discovered the magnetic effects of electric currents?

122016 Albert Einstein
122017 Hans Christian Oersted
122018 John Ambrose Fleming
122019 James Clerk Maxwell

2. Who has stated the Right-hand Thumb Rule?

122020 Orsted
122021 Fleming
122022 Einstein
122023 Maxwell

3. Which of these works on electromagnetic induction?

122024 Dynamo
122025 Electric motor
122026 Galvanometer
122027 Electric iron

4. Which of these works on the Right Hand Rule of John Ambrose Fleming?

122028 Electric motor
122029 Solenoid
122030 Galvanometer
122031 Electric generator

5. From which instrument, the presence of the magnetic field be determined?

122032 Compass
122033 Magnetic Needle
122034 Ammeter
122035 Galvanometer

6. The direction of rotation of a coil in an electric motor is determined by which of the following rules?

122036 Fleming’s right hand rule
122037 Fleming’s left hand rule
122038 Hans Christian Ørsted rule
122039 Faraday law of electromagnetic inductors

7. A D.C generator works on the Doctrine of .............

122040 Ohnis law
122041 Joule’s law of heating
122042 Fleming’s right hand Law
122043 Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction

8. The most important safety instruments used for protecting home appliances from short-circuiting or overloading is ...

122044 Fuse
122045 Earthing
122046 Stabilizers
122047 Electric meter

9. What should be the core of an electromagnet?

122048 Hard iron
122049 Soft iron
122050 Rusted iron
122051 None of above

10. Which device employs the magnetic effect of electric current?

122052 Electric bulb
122053 Electric fuse
122054 Electric motor
122055 None of these

11. Which instrument determines the presence of a magnetic field?

122056 Dynamo
122057 Ammeter
122058 Galvanometer
122059 Magnetometer

12. Who was first discovered the relationship between electricity and magnetism?

122060 Newton
122061 Oersted
122062 Maxwell
122063 All of above

13. Who was the inventor of the magnetic field?

122064 Albert Einstein
122065 John Ambrose Fleming
122066 Michael Faraday
122067 James Clerk Maxwell

14. What is the SI unit of the magnetic field?

122068 Teslas (T)
122069 Mega (M)
122070 Meter (M)
122071 Ampere (A)
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