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Humans in the Biosphere Quiz: How Much You Know About Humans in the Biosphere?

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Questions & Options

1. Which one is a consequence of negative human acts with the environment?

146313 Degradation of soils
146314 Destruction of animal habitats
146315 Depleted population of certain fish
146316 All of the above

2. Which of the following is the best idea of environmental conservation and sustainability?

146317 Careful and controlled use of renewable and non-renewable resources
146318 Care and think about wildlife
146319 Control excessive forest cutting
146320 All of the above

3. The increase in the amount of acid rain in an ecosystem can change the ____________ of the soil.

146321 Colour
146322 Fertility
146323 PH
146324 Fragrance

4. Which of the following abiotic factors would have a lasting negative impact on biodiversity in the temperate forest?

146325 Selective cutting
146326 Clear-cutting
146327 A reduction in the use of fertilizers
146328 None of the above

5. Which is the clearing of forests on a massive scale?

146329 Detreeing
146330 Delimbing
146331 Deforestation
146332 Reforestation

6. How does global warming affect polar bears?

146333 It could cause severe weather patterns in the Arctic
146334 It could melt the sea ice which would impact their food supply
146335 Both of the above
146336 None of these

7. Which layer absorbs ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere?

146337 Troposphere
146338 Greenhouse gases
146339 Stratosphere
146340 Ozone layer

8. Which of these items produce CFCs?

146341 Spray cans
146342 Refrigerant
146343 Insulation
146344 All of the above

9. The ozone layer is damaged by which?

146345 Increase in greenhouse gases
146346 Increased global temperatures
146347 CFCs
146348 None of these

10. When was the 'Biosphere Reserve' named for natural areas?

146349 1951
146350 1961
146351 1971
146352 1981

11. By which institution is the name 'Biosphere Reserve' given for natural areas?

146353 International Co-ordination Council
146354 World forest network
146355 World biosphere reserve council
146356 World Wildlife Fund
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