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10 Questions to Test How Well You Really Know Your Spouse Quiz

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You spend a long period of time with your partner and you blindly trust him/her, but how much you really know your partner. You know his/her likes and dislikes but do you know that what he/she does when you are not with him/her. Do you want to know that your partner is happy with you or not? If you have any doubt or feel related to any kind of issue or thing and you want to verify it then without any hesitation take this quiz and know that how much you know partner?

Let’s start the quiz

1. Do you share any secret with your partner related to your past?

30242 Yes, all the time
30243 Sometimes
30244 You used to do this but not anymore
30245 No

2. Do you feel that you always tell the truth to your partner?

30246 Most of the time
30247 Sometimes
30248 You are trying but it doesn’t work everytime
30249 No

3. Do you know the secrets of your partner?

30250 Every secret
30251 You know some of them
30252 You don't have any idea about it
30253 No, he/she doesn’t share anything

4. Do you check the phone of your partner?

30254 No because you don’t feel any need of this
30255 No, because you have trust on your partner
30256 Only once
30257 Yes, but only when they are asleep.

5. Do you know the favorite things of your partner?

30258 Yes, all of them
30259 Yes, because your partner tell you everything
30260 Somethings
30261 No, because you don’t really care

6. Can you guess what your partner is going to say before he/she going out of the town?

30262 Yes, of course
30263 Most of the time
30264 Sometimes
30265 No

7. Do you often complete each other’s sentences?

30266 Yes, most of the time
30267 Sometimes
30268 Only when it comes to certain things.
30269 No,because you don't guess it

8. Do you feel that you are living with a strange person?

30270 No
30271 Sometimes you feel this
30272 Only when huge fights with them
30273 Yes, most of the time

9. Do you learn anything from your partner?

30274 Yes
30275 No, you will never learn enough about them.
30276 Just when you think you do you learn new things about them
30277 No, because you are not even interesting

10. Do you feel that you are incomplete without your partner?

30278 Yes, always
30279 Yes
30280 Sometimes
30281 Never
Let’s start the quiz

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