Quiz: How Well Do You Know About Billie Piper?

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Billie Paul Piper is an English actress, writer, and former singer, most known for her role as Rose Tyler in the long-running television show Doctor. She studied at the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London and Bradon Forest School in Purton, Wiltshire. At age five, she started dance classes and just two years later, Piper started off in soft-drink commercials for American TV. After that, She rose to fame with her debut single ‘Because We Want To’ which aced the ‘UK Singles Chart,’ making her the youngest artist in history to debut at number one. Are you a self-proclaimed fan of Billie Piper? Find out how well you know her by taking this quiz!

Questions Excerpt

1. In which show does Billie play the role of Lily?

A. True Love

B. Doctor Who

C. Penny Dreadful

D. A Passionate Woman

2. When did Piper announce that she had abandoned her music career to focus on an acting career?

A. 2009

B. 2003

C. 2005

D. 2007

3. How old was Billie Piper when she released her debut single?

A. Ten years old

B. Five years old

C. Fifteen years old

D. Twenty years old

4. When did Billie Piper started her Professional singing career?

A. 1999

B. 1996

C. 1989

D. 1985

5. What's the name of Billie Piper's Debut movie?

A. Spirit Trap

B. Two for Joy

C. City of Tiny Lights

D. The Calcium Kid

6. In which television drama series did Billie Piper starred as Belle de Jour?

A. Playhouse Present

B. The Ruby in the Smoke

C. The Shadow in the North

D. Secret Diary of a Call Girl

7. For which movie Billie Piper was nominated for a British Academy Television Award for Best Supporting Actress?

A. Spirit Trap

B. Collateral

C. Two for Joy

D. Animals United

8. When did Piper was nominated for two BRIT Awards?

A. 1989

B. 1993

C. 1995

D. 1999

9. Which year did Piper release her second album, Walk of Life, which reached No. 14 on the UK Album Chart?

A. 2010

B. 2005

C. 2000

D. 2004

10. What role did Piper play in the horror series called Penny Dreadful?

A. Eva Green

B. Brona Croft

C. Timothy Dalton

D. Rory Kinnear

11. Which year Piper was nominated for Best TV Supporting Actress at the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards?

A. 2005

B. 2010

C. 2015

D. 2020

12. Which of the following year Billie Piper was born?

A. 12 September 1992

B. 02 September 1985

C. 22 September 1982

D. 22 September 1972

13. How many times was Billie Piper nominated for the Evening Standard Theatre Awards?

A. Ten times

B. Two times

C. Four times

D. Three times

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