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Quiz: How Sexually Emancipation Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. In a week how many times you do sex?

6376 Everyday
6377 Four times
6378 Two times
6379 I am not interested in sex

2. How many girlfriend/boyfriend you made in your life?

6380 More than five
6381 Three
6382 One
6383 No boyfriend/ girlfriend

3. Which one is suitable sexual orientation for you?

6384 You are bisexual
6385 You are straight
6386 You are gay
6387 You are asexual

4. What kind of relationship you want to establish with your partner?

6388 A relationship where no one is dominant
6389 A loving and caring relationship
6390 A complicated relationship
6391 No relationship for you

5. Do you prefer to watch porn with your partner?

6392 Yes, most of the time
6393 Yes, sometimes
6394 Not all the time
6395 No

6. Do you use any sex toy Infront of your partner?

6396 Most of the time
6397 Yes, sometimes
6398 Rarely
6399 No, you don’t use it

7. According to you having sex with many partners at once is acceptable or not?

6400 Yes
6401 No
6402 It will never even cross your mind
6403 You don’t know about it

8. What is your age when you lost your virginity?

6404 14
6405 17
6406 21
6407 You are still virgin

9. Do you think that after having kids , people lose their sexual drive?

6408 Yes, definitely
6409 You are not sure
6410 Maybe
6411 You don’t know because you don’t have any kid

10. Do you think that your sexually emancipated will decrease after getting married?

6412 Of course, yes
6413 May be
6414 You are not sure about it
6415 You don’t have any idea about it
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