Do You Love Your Sister Quiz

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Sisters are like having a second parent who can look after you when your parents aren't around. Elder sisters are commonly motherly figures to younger siblings, while sisters our age or younger are more bothersome and frequently argue with us. We go through a lot together, from sharing clothing to sharing meals, and we both love and resent each other in various situations. If you feel you don’t like your sister, it might not be true, take this quiz to find out if you love your sister or not.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which word best describes your sister?

A. Annoying

B. Loving

C. Wise

D. Stupid

2. What is your least favorite food item among the following?

A. Meatballs

B. Kimchi

C. Ramen

D. Pie

3. What is your favorite genre in books?

A. Mystery

B. Science

C. History

D. Self help

4. What is your favorite hobby to stay fit?

A. Swimming

B. Cycling

C. Hiking

D. Dancing

5. What is the color of your eyes?

A. Black

B. Grey

C. Green

D. Brown

6. What do you find most attractive in a person?

A. Eyes

B. Smile

C. Body odour

D. Their vibe

7. What is your favorite hobby?

A. Binge watching shows

B. Using social media

C. Reading

D. Writing journals

8. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

A. Scroll through Instagram

B. Reply to emails

C. Workout or yoga

D. Have breakfast

9. Which animal is your favorite?

A. Dog

B. Cat

C. Tiger

D. Zebra

10. What is your biggest weakness?

A. Anger

B. Laziness

C. Insecurity

D. Anxiety


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