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Check Your Knowledge About Geological Time Scale Quiz! Can You Pass Geological Time Scale Trivia Quiz Test

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Geological Time Scale is the calendar of earth's past history. History of the earth has been divided into a number of major divisions called eras. The eras are subdivided into periods that are further divided into epochs. The age of the earth is about 4600 million years and life first originated about a hundred million years ago. By studying the fossils photo occurring during strata of rocks, geologists are able to reconstruct the time and course of evolutionary change. So take the Geological Time Scale quiz and no more about the Geological Time Scale.

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1. In which period of the Paleozoic era, the first vertebrate appeared?

43405 Devonian
43406 Silurian
43407 Cambrian
43408 Permian

2. Which era is counted as the age of mammals?

43409 Paleozoic
43410 Mesozoic
43411 Cenozoic
43412 Archeozoic

3. Which animal dominates in the Mesozoic era?

43413 Invertebrates
43414 Pieces
43415 Amphibians
43416 Reptiles

4. Extreme specialization and extinction of great reptiles occurred in the period of....

43417 Triassic
43418 Cretaceous
43419 Tertiary
43420 Jurassic

5. The archeozoic era is the age of......

43421 Invisible life
43422 Invertebrates
43423 Reptiles
43424 Amphibians

6. Fossils are recorded by.......

43425 Stratification position
43426 Amount of calcium deposit
43427 Radioactive carbon content
43428 Associating them with other animals

7. The age of fossils is determined by.....

43429 Rate of erosion of Rock
43430 Contents of the rock
43431 Depth of Rock
43432 Decay of radioisotopes

8. In which period, the rise of Dinosaurs occurred?

43433 Mesozoic
43434 Jurassic
43435 Cretaceous
43436 Triassic

9. Who was the first developed Geological Time Scale?

43437 G.Araduiana
43438 G.Cuvier
43439 Wallace
43440 Leonardo da Vince

10. In which. Mammals are believed to have evolved from reptiles?

43441 Triassic
43442 Tertiary
43443 Cretaceous
43444 Quaternary

11. The age of the bird is....

43445 Paleozoic
43446 Mesozoic
43447 Coenozoic
43448 Azoic

12. Which epoch is not a part of the Cenozoic era?

43449 Pliocene
43450 Miocene
43451 Eocene
43452 Pleistocene

13. Why the Jurassic period is famous?

43453 Rise of Dinosaurs
43454 Extinction of giant reptiles
43455 Rise in toothed birds
43456 Origin of birds

14. In which epoch, the first man-like Ape originate?

43457 Pliocene
43458 Miocene
43459 Eocene
43460 Palaeocene

15. Name the oldest rock, in which fossils are abundant?

43461 Silurian
43462 Ordovician
43463 Permian
43464 Cambrian
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