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Can You Guess What Do You Want For Christmas Gift Quiz

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Christmas is referred to on the planet as a season of giving and most kids anticipate Santa Claus leaving them a present for their good behavior. Do you know what you need for Christmas this year? Take up the test underneath and see what your ideal gift is.

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1. What color do you like the most?

19342 Yellow
19343 Red
19344 Pink
19345 Purple

2. What is more important to you?

19346 Having good things to eat
19347 Time management
19348 Smelling good
19349 Being comfortable

3. What was the worst present that you ever had on Christmas?

19350 Socks
19351 Ugly Knit Sweater
19352 Cheap Watch
19353 Nothing

4. What is the perfect present for you?

19354 Car
19355 A new book
19356 Jewelry
19357 Ipad

5. Is it better to give or receive for Christmas?

19358 Give
19359 Receive
19360 Nether
19361 Both

6. Which is better?

19362 Wrapping presents
19363 Gift bags
19364 Both
19365 Depending on the gift

7. What do you think, who will give you the best gift?

19366 Parents
19367 Sister/Brother
19368 Friends
19369 Neighbor

8. Does the gift price matter to you?

19370 Yes
19371 No
19372 Somewhere
19373 It depends

9. How would you describe your personality?

19374 Greedy
19375 Fun-loving
19376 Creative
19377 Shallow

10. Which gift would you most want for Christmas?

19378 Money
19379 Clothes
19380 Toys
19381 Books
Let’s start the quiz

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