A legend of the Northland Quiz: How Much You Know About A legend of the Northland?

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Undoubtedly we all are amazed and in love with the way the English language makes things really easy for us and how well we can gain a better personality for this. The poems and chapters we all have through in our schools helped us in evolving good vocabulary, knowledge of words, and whatnot! The same way in our class 9 we all must have gone through several poems and chapters. One among those several mesmerizing chapters was A Legend of Northland, which was loved by many students, and even after school, they remember that. Do you think you know all about it? Then, why not prove the same! Gear up for this amazing trivia quiz and check out the answers.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which kind of poem is Northland?

A. Poem

B. Satnlia

C. Stanza

D. Ballad

2. How manh stamzas are there?

A. 12

B. 10

C. 16

D. 14

3. Which area is being talked here?

A. South Pole

B. North Pole

C. Antartic

D. Atlantic

4. What legends signify?

A. A legend

B. A sailor

C. A poet

D. A stranged

5. What does swift signify?

A. Something eye catching

B. Something disappearing

C. Something slow

D. Something which runs very fast

6. What does preaching mean?

A. To try cooking

B. To follow path of religion

C. To give a religious task

D. To try new things

7. What is the meaning of hearth?

A. Sports area

B. Fire place where you do cooking

C. Gym area

D. Synonym of temple

8. In stanza 7, the woman was _____?

A. Selfish

B. Generous

C. Clever

D. Transgender

9. What does faint mean?

A. Famished

B. Weak

C. None of these

D. Both of them

10. What does dwell mean?

A. To die

B. To swim

C. To live

D. To brace

11. How does the woodpecker get her food?

A. Swimming

B. Boring holes in wood

C. Flying for 10 kms

D. Running for 1 hour

12. What did Saint Peter ask for when he was hungry?

A. Cake

B. Pie

C. Burger

D. Fries


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