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Ovum or Egg Trivia Quiz
147 Played 28-Dec-2019
Ovum is always larger than all other cells of the body. They are nearly spherical and nonmotile. The large size of ova is mainly due to high food reserves in th...

Oogenesis Trivia Quiz
305 Played 24-Dec-2019
Oogenesis is the formation of the haploid ovum from the diploid egg mother cells/ oogonia of the ovary. Oogenesis occurs in follicles of ovaries in various orga...

Spermatogenesis Trivia Quiz
367 Played 24-Dec-2019
Spermatogenesis is the process of functional sperm/ spermatozoa from diploid spermatogonia. Its formation is under the control of FSH and androgens. The differe...