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Why Are You Single Quiz

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Have you ever wondered why are you single? You might feel jealous when you see couples around. You must be wondering why aren't you in a relationship? Is your behavior rude or weird, or you are not attractive enough that people are not liking you? People are single for many reasons! There cannot be any good or bad reason for this. Do you want to know the reason why are you single? Let's find out now.

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1. What kind of trait do you find attractive in other people?

82873 Ambition
82874 Confidence
82875 Sense of humor
82876 Self sufficiiency

2. Where do you wish to see yourself in the next 5 years?

82877 I have to travel more
82878 I have to rise up ladder
82879 I hope to be building a home
82880 To become a CEO

3. Do you prefer lights on and off at night?

82881 I need total darkness
82882 I sleep with TV on
82883 I love nightlight
82884 I prefer lights on

4. What kind of person are you in a relationship?

82885 Building future together
82886 I prefer an equal
82887 Hiding emotions
82888 Would be wanting ways to leave partner

5. What type of gift do you prefer on your date?

82889 Books
82890 Flowers
82891 Chocolate
82892 Does not accept gifts

6. What is the most crucial thing according to you in a relationship?

82893 Trust
82894 Honesty
82895 Dedication
82896 Timing

7. What do you think your ex might describe you as?

82897 Independent person
82898 Emotional
82899 High Maintainence
82900 Always thinking about career

8. How much do you admire children?

82901 I prefer adults
82902 I like other's kids
82903 I love kids
82904 I plan to have someday

9. Do you feel you are clingy in a relationship?

82905 No way
82906 I am really attached
82907 I have my own moments
82908 I wish i could find someone

10. Do you work overtime?

82909 Sometimes
82910 I work on normal hours
82911 I work all the time
82912 I prefer working overtime

11. Have you ever used Tinder?

82913 Yes, I am always available on it
82914 I don't have time for it
82915 I not into that thing
82916 I use some other dating apps
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