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What Undertale Soul Are You Quiz

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Undertale is one of the most popular games made by Toby Fox. The souls of the game are highly attractive. The choice of the perfect soul tells a lot about your personality and mindsets. Often many people want to know about which soul of the Undertale they are. Do you also want to know what type of Undertale soul are you? Let us help you to find out an answer with this quiz.

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1. How would you react if you found yourself in an unknown place?

128653 I will be afraid
128654 I will explore the place
128655 Go back to sleep
128656 Scream for help

2. How do you help homeless people?

128657 I sympathize with the affected
128658 I take them to some NGO
128659 I render help
128660 I don't care

3. Are you social towards unknown people?

128661 Yes, I want to know about other’s lifestyle
128662 I might be skeptical
128663 I would be friends with them
128664 I would never talk to unknown people

4. What is your gender?

128665 Male
128666 Female
128667 Others
128668 Doesn't matter

5. What is your favorite food?

128669 Anything sweet
128670 Noodles
128671 Any junk food
128672 Ramen

6. What is your favorite color?

128673 Blue
128674 Black
128675 Red
128676 None of the above

7. Do you prefer watching anime movies?

128677 Yes, I love them
128678 They are everything to me
128679 No, I find anime overrated
128680 Rarely

8. Will you remark Temmie to be cute?

128681 Of course
128682 Yes, it is somewhat cute
128683 It's nothing but a hybrid
128684 No idea

9. What is your biggest strength?

128685 Patience
128686 Bravery
128687 Confidence
128688 Honesty

10. What is your biggest fear?

128689 Darkness
128690 Ghost
128691 Liars
128692 Nothing
Let’s start the quiz

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