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Which Throwback Song Describes How The Rest Of Your Year Will Go Quiz

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We might have often related our life or a current situation with a song and might have felt the same as the song. Songs generally fir into our lives and describe the same feeling what we have? The old songs or the throwback songs were more relatable that made it easy for us to feel things. Have you ever thought which song actually describes your rest of the year? You might be somewhat having eager to know What Throwback Song Describes How The Rest Of Your Year Will Go? Try out this quiz and finish your eagerness and get your answers!!

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1. Which word describes your personality the best?

94234 Generous
94235 Adventurous
94236 Quirky
94237 Smart

2. What is the most important thing for you?

94238 Food
94239 Sleep
94240 Music
94241 Family

3. Tell something about your previous year?

94242 Lonely
94243 Average
94244 Boring
94245 Exciting

4. Where are you found mostly on weekends?

94246 Partying
94247 Work
94248 Sleeping
94249 Playing Sports

5. What is in your bucket list of this year?

94250 Random Act Of Kindness
94251 Eat Healthier
94252 Spend Less Time On Phone
94253 Be A Good Human

6. What is the activity you do for spending your time with?

94254 With your partner
94255 Sleeping
94256 Best Friend
94257 Pet

7. What annoys you a lot?

94258 Life going too fast
94259 Never finding one
94260 Hating your job
94261 People hating you

8. Choose your travel destination for next year?

94262 Mauli
94263 Los Angeles
94264 Bali
94265 Singapore

9. What do you like as a gift?

94266 Chocolate
94267 Flowers
94268 Shoes
94269 Watches

10. Pick a random word?

94270 Lust
94271 Trust
94272 Win
94273 Love
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