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Quiz: What Social Network Is Best For You?

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Social media has taken a spurt in recent times. All because of increasing necessity and fitting in people's daily routine has made social media one of the most popular places. There are tons of social media platforms for different personalities suited and meant for. Choosing one best platform among several best is of great interest. But have you thought the social network that you use the most is actually the best for you or not? If not, then which network is best for you? You might be eager to know by now What Social Network Is Best For You? Try out this quiz and put an end to your growing eagerness!!

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1. Which word suits you the most?

95070 Generous
95071 Quirky
95072 Adventurous
95073 Funny

2. How long you've been using social media?

95074 1 Hour
95075 2-3 Hours
95076 4-5 Hours
95077 Sky is the limit for me

3. When did you last use your social media?

95078 Literally just now
95079 Yesterday
95080 First thing this morning
95081 Last Night

4. What is the main purpose for you to do on social media?

95082 Chatting
95083 Meeting new people
95084 Posting your views
95085 Being famous

5. How close is your online personality to your real-life?

95086 It is same
95087 Pretty similar
95088 I'm quieter online
95089 I'm much more outspoken

6. What annoys you on social media?

95090 When you don't get proper attention
95091 Fakeness
95092 Wrong opinions
95093 My friends

7. When someone tries to flaunt their views, what you do?

95094 Scrolls on past
95095 Ignore
95096 Read it and think
95097 Engage with them

8. Define your profile picture?

95098 Hot and sexy
95099 Simple
95100 Historical figure
95101 Pet's pic

9. According to you, what is the best thing about social media?

95102 Telling people what I am upto
95103 Staying in touch with friends
95104 Setting rights
95105 Glimpse's of people's lives

10. What do you do when you post something online?

95106 Check back for responses
95107 Worry, since I know I am wrong
95108 Ignore and chillax
95109 Rarely checking

11. Which account are you most likely to follow?

95110 Celebs
95111 Friends& Family
95112 Exes and frenemies
95113 Politicians

12. Pick your last hashtag used?

95114 #squadgoals
95115 #goals
95116 # fact
95117 I don't go for hashtags

13. Define your motto of social media?

95118 Not much, just spending some time in having words
95119 Posting my facts, if you know you are wrong then don't post
95120 Unsure
95121 Never apologise and never explain
Let’s start the quiz

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