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What Kind of Butt Should I Have Quiz For Girls

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Questions & Options

1. How often do you work out?

161499 Almost every day
161500 4-5 days in a week
161501 Hardly any day
161502 Never

2. What kind of pants do you wear?

161503 Tight jeans
161504 Leggings
161505 Flare pants
161506 Trousers

3. Which of these statements is right about you?

161507 I love showing off my curves
161508 I don’t wear clothes that outline the curves
161509 I don’t wear but I want to
161510 I wear it only on some occasions

4. How badly do you want a butt of your type?

161511 I really want it badly
161512 I m happy with what I am
161513 I already have a perfect butt
161514 I want it but I am not that desperate about it

5. In what position do you prefer sleeping?

161515 I lay down on my stomach
161516 I sleep with my back straight
161517 I sleep while facing one side of the wall
161518 I don’t have any fixed sleeping position

6. What kind of sports do you play?

161519 Football
161520 Racquet games
161521 Cricket
161522 I hate outdoor sports

7. How athletically good are you?

161523 I am good at short distance races
161524 I am good at long-distance races
161525 I am good at both short and long-distance races
161526 I am terrible at races

8. What kind of diet do you usually take?

161527 High protein
161528 High carbs
161529 A complete balanced diet
161530 I don’t have any diet plan

9. How do you exercise your body?

161531 I go to the gym
161532 I dance
161533 I play sports
161534 I work out at home

10. What type of ponytail do you prefer?

161535 Horse-tail
161536 Multi-braided ponytail
161537 Low wavy ponytail
161538 Mini-braided ponytail
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