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What Is Your Technology Style Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What area of technology interest would you select as your career?

128949 Networking
128950 Robotics
128951 AI (Artificial Intelligence)
128952 Security

2. If in a case you have a connectivity issue what would you do?

128953 Root through network diagnostics
128954 Refer someone from technical background
128955 Not much into networks
128956 Try to detect the reason of connectivity loss and power cycle your modem

3. How much dependent you are on the technical gadgets for your task to be completed?

128957 Completely
128958 Not much
128959 Depends over the requirement
128960 Not at all

4. Majority of the time when you are using the internet where do you spend your time most?

128961 Social Sites
128962 Networking concepts
128963 Technical shows/movies
128964 Security majors

5. At which gadget are you handier for using the net or other applications for your work?

128965 Laptop
128966 Dekstop
128967 Cell phone/Tablet
128968 Anything

6. Which sector of technology interests you the most?

128969 Designing /Development
128970 AI
128971 Security
128972 Networking

7. Which word can describe your level in the technology best?

128973 Learner
128974 Perfect
128975 Expertise
128976 Not Interested

8. At the point of career, where do you stand?

128977 Trying to figure out
128978 Just started
128979 Experineced 5-10+ years
128980 Break from career

9. What do you do to relax and refresh your mind when stuck over anything technical?

128981 Take a nap
128982 Research over the bug you are stuck
128983 Watch Netflix
128984 Play video games

10. How much would you rate yourself for your technical skills and knowledge?

128985 5
128986 7
128987 9
128988 10
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