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What Harry Potter House Am I In Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Do you ever cheat in class?

28610 No
28611 Yes, a fair amount
28612 Sometimes I do
28613 Frequently

2. What is your favorite character in the Harry Potter series?

28614 Harry Potter
28615 Ron Weasley
28616 Professor Albus Dumbledore
28617 Lord Voldemort

3. When you die, you hope to...

28618 Be surrounded by lifelong friends
28619 Be wealthy enough
28620 Have achieved success
28621 Have learned a lot from life

4. Which of these professions most appeals to you?

28622 Screenwriter
28623 Movie star
28624 Agent
28625 Lawyer

5. What would you do if you are trapped in a burning house?

28626 Run away to get out from the house
28627 Save myself
28628 I'll try to save as many people as I can
28629 Immediately start shouting

6. What fault do you don’t want to see in people?

28630 Stupidity
28631 Dishonesty
28632 Laziness
28633 All of them

7. Describe your personality in one word:

28634 Smart
28635 Brave
28636 Enthusiast
28637 Intelligent

8. What house do you wish to be in?

28638 Slytherin
28639 Ravenclaw
28640 Hufflepuff
28641 Gryffindor

9. How do you flirt with someone you like the most?

28642 I don’t like flirting
28643 Try to make a real conversation
28644 Make witty jokes to make her/him smile
28645 You deliver a great wink at them

10. Pick any one of the following:

28646 Hermione Granger
28647 Draco Malfoy
28648 Harry Potter
28649 Dobby the House Elf
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