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Quiz: What Dungeons and Dragons Class Are You?

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Playing online games engross one completely. Development in information technology has increase engagement. Many of us play games classic game D & D regularly. Do you love playing games online? It is amusing to measure gravity. D&D is an imaginary roleplay game. The game also activates the mind and increases the creativity of the player. D & D 5th edition comes with 12 base classes. Well, answer these questions on quiz honestly to know what D&D class are you?

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1. Which D&D class among is your favorite among the following classes?

52982 Barbarian
52983 Bard
52984 Cleric
52985 Fighter

2. Which D&D character is your favorite?

52986 Vecna
52987 Strahd von Marovich
52988 Elminster
52989 Mordenkainen

3. Which is your favorite game among the following?

52990 Super Mario
52991 Resident Evil 2
52992 Slay the spire
52993 PUBG

4. Which is your preferred D&D class among the following?

52994 Monk
52995 Paladin
52996 Ranger
52997 Druid

5. What is your age right now?

52998 Under 10 year
52999 10 - 20 years
53000 20 - 30 years
53001 Above 30 years

6. How long you play video games daily?

53002 Less than 30 min
53003 30 min - 1hr
53004 1hr - 2hr
53005 I don't play daily

7. Which is your favorite style?

53006 Magic
53007 Might
53008 Guile
53009 None of the above

8. What is your favorite range for the fight?

53010 Close
53011 Close to medium
53012 Medium
53013 Medium to long

9. Which is your favorite hobby?

53014 Reading
53015 Writing
53016 Cricket
53017 Football

10. Which of the following is your favorite tourist destination?

53018 Paris
53019 Norway
53020 London
53021 Goa
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