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Quiz: What Career Is Right For Me?

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Questions & Options

1. Assume that you are stuck in a problem and at the same time a stranger asks you to please help him what would you prefer to do?

8011 Detect how could it profit you
8012 Explain him the way how he can help himself
8013 Will ask someone else to help him as you are busy
8014 Help him in the best way

2. What type of lifestyle do you admire the most?

8015 A life like shown on television i.e a luxurious life
8016 Self achieved successful life
8017 Respect and Praised life
8018 Life devoted to others help

3. Do you always prefer to be around your family and loved ones?

8019 Yes
8020 Sometimes
8021 No
8022 When feeling lonely

4. What can be considered as your favorite game you prefer to play in childhood?

8023 Soldier Soldier
8024 Office Office
8025 Teacher
8026 Employee (9-6 job)

5. What is the area of interest for you?

8027 Unity
8028 Fun
8029 Money
8030 Satisfaction

6. What outfit do you prefer the most in your daily routine?

8031 Well Dressed
8032 Formals
8033 Casuals
8034 Depends over mood

7. What do you believe most among the following?

8035 Charity
8036 Humanity
8037 Self esteem
8038 Life style

8. If you have a choice that you can opt any one field that would describe your career goals what would you choose?

8039 Management
8040 History
8041 General awareness
8042 NDA

9. What type of movie do you enjoy the most?

8043 Action
8044 Comedy
8045 Historical
8046 Drama

10. Do you prefer to travel or do you prefer to be at your place more?

8047 Travel means life
8048 Depends ovewr mood and work load
8049 Ready to travel
8050 Do not prefer to travel rather spend quality time with family
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