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What Car Should I Buy Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What type of look do you want?

16605 Classic
16606 Advance
16607 Trendy
16608 Moddern

2. What matters more to you in a car?

16609 Luxury
16610 Comfort
16611 Looks
16612 Technology

3. Are you a sporty personality?

16613 Yes
16614 Somewhat
16615 Not all
16616 Never thought of it much

4. Are you aggressive personality?

16617 Yes
16618 Sometimes
16619 Depends over the situations
16620 Not at all

5. What is the main reason for you to get a car?

16621 Show off
16622 Daily use
16623 Family Trips
16624 Desire

6. What sort of financial plan you had to buy a car?

16625 Expensive
16626 Low budget
16627 Average budget
16628 Depends over the model

7. For what time period or duration you are planning a car?

16629 Long term
16630 Short term
16631 Depends over the time
16632 Never given a thought to it

8. Are you planning to save money on monthly expenses or you would finance a car?

16633 Save money on monthly expenses
16634 Finance a car
16635 Ask for loan
16636 Not decided yet

9. What you had planned for the car?

16637 Go for long drive
16638 Go for trip with family
16639 Show it to all
16640 Excited

10. Do you believe to get a car with modified technologies?

16641 Yes
16642 Sometimes, I hwish too
16643 No
16644 Not thought till now
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