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What Book Of The Bible Should I Read Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How familiar you are with Bible?

161791 Very familiar
161792 Just familiar
161793 Somewhat familiar
161794 Not at all familiar

2. What is your hope with the reading of the bible?

161795 Some stories that can inspire me
161796 How to live life
161797 Some lessons or concepts
161798 Learning of what to do and how to do it

3. Choose the subject that was your most favorite in school?

161799 Writing
161800 History
161801 Mathematics
161802 Science

4. Choose the career that you feel to be the right fit for you?

161803 Painter
161804 Dancer
161805 Writer
161806 Sportsperson

5. How often do your friends take advice from you?

161807 Often
161808 Somewhat
161809 Very often
161810 Rarely

6. How often do you feel negative about your life?

161811 Rarely
161812 Somewhat
161813 Often
161814 Very often

7. How often do you feel you need a new goal in your life?

161815 Rarely
161816 Very Often
161817 Somewhat
161818 Often

8. How often you feel excited about starting a new project?

161819 Somewhat
161820 Very often
161821 Rarely
161822 Often

9. How often do you prefer to make new friends?

161823 Rarely
161824 Somewhat
161825 Often
161826 Very often

10. What is your way of solving a disagreement with a colleague?

161827 Talk to a mutual friend
161828 Sort it out emotionally
161829 Examine all the facts
161830 Confront them rudely

11. As per you which attribute is most important in any friend?

161831 They are good person
161832 Having a lot of shared experience
161833 Honesty
161834 Motivating enough
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