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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Steven Spielberg! Take This Interesting Quiz About Steven Spielberg

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Steven Allan Spielberg, all of whom must have heard about him since he is one of the most amazing persons. He is from America but his fans are not just limited to America but gathered to all parts of the world. He is a very amazing and very talented American filmmaker. He is also considered to be the founding pioneers of the new Hollywood era. Several directors embark on him as their inspiration and their perfect role model. Let us now have a look at this Interesting Trivia quiz and see how much you can answer about the amazing personality, Steven Spielberg!

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1. What is the birthdate of Steve Speilberg?

37435 6 February, 1989
37436 18 December, 1946
37437 1 July, 1945
37438 16 January, 1976

2. What is the favorite color of Steve Speilberg?

37439 Pink
37440 Magenta
37441 Black
37442 Brown

3. Hoe did Steve Speilberg started his direction ?

37443 Films
37444 Theatres
37445 Television
37446 None Of The Above

4. What is the networth of Steve Speilberg?

37447 360 crores
37448 289 crores
37449 450 crores
37450 167 crores

5. What is the name of upcoming movie name of Steve Speilberg?

37451 Mission impossible
37452 Avenegers
37453 House full 4
37454 West side story

6. What is Steve Speilberg also considered in the Hollywood ?

37467 Most educated director
37468 Best creative ideas
37469 Highest grossing director
37470 Both (b) & (c)

7. What is the name of Steve Speilberg's father ?

37475 Robert Speilberg
37476 Arnold Speilberg
37477 William Speilberg
37478 Jay Speilberg

8. How many children does Steve Speilberg has ?

37483 5
37484 6
37485 7
37486 8

9. What is the name of Steve Speilberg's mother ?

37495 Emilia Cathedite
37496 Rhea Jamison
37497 Lisa Haydon
37498 Leah Posner

10. What is the name of Steve Speilberg's sister ?

37503 Rhea
37504 Catherine
37505 Anne
37506 Emilia

11. When did Steve Speilberg started working ?

37511 1959
37512 1960
37513 1961
37514 1962

12. What is the name of Steve Speilberg's first movie ?

37519 How I met your mother
37520 Sugarland Express
37521 The impossible
37522 Jumanji

13. How many academy words did movies by Steve Speilberg win ?

37527 1
37528 2
37529 3
37530 4

14. What is the zodiac sign of Steve Speilberg?

37535 Aqaurius
37536 Leo
37537 Capricon
37538 Saggitarus

15. What is the name of wife of Steve Speilberg?

37539 Kate Capshaw
37540 Lisa Haydon
37541 Rhea Creta
37542 Beyonce
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