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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Shaquille O Neal! How Much You Know About Shaquille O Neal?

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Sports have always been a great interest to millions of people since sports have been all about passion, sweat, intense gaming, and full power. One such amazing game/sports are Basketball, an intense game where two teams compete with each other. Basketballers are considered to be one of the best players since Basketball requires a lot of effort and a lot of passion. One such amazing professional basketball player is Shaquille O Neal, who is an American retired player who is also a sports analyst. Let us now have a look at this amazing trivia quiz and see how much you about amazing professional player Shaquille O Neal!

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1. What is the birthdate of Shaquille O Neal?

41279 1 July 1980
41280 6 March 1972
41281 22 November 1967
41282 29 June 1989

2. What is the favorite color of Shaquille O Neal?

41283 Black
41284 Blue
41285 Magenta
41286 Brown

3. When did Shaquille O Neal started his career?

41287 1990
41288 1991
41289 1992
41290 1993

4. What is the height of Shaquille O Neal?

41291 5 ft.
41292 6 ft.
41293 8 ft.
41294 7 ft.

5. What is the favorite food of Shaquille O Neal?

41295 Diet Food
41296 Sea Food
41297 Continental Food
41298 None of the above

6. What is the shoe size of Shaquille O Neal?

41299 11
41300 22
41301 10
41302 5

7. What was the name of Shaquille O Neal's wife?

41303 Amy O Neal
41304 Catherine O Neal
41305 Emilia O Neal
41306 Shaunie O Neal

8. What is the worth of Shaquille O Neal?

41307 $10 million
41308 $40 million
41309 $30 million
41310 $50 million

9. What position does Shaquille O Neal holds as the highest scoring NBA player?

41311 8
41312 4
41313 2
41314 5

10. Where did Shaquille invest in his early days?

41315 American Union
41316 Google and Apple
41317 Both (a)&(b)
41318 None of the above

11. How much did Shaquille O Neal invested?

41319 $100 million
41320 $200 million
41321 $300 million
41322 $400 million

12. For whom did Shaquille O Neal played for last time?

41323 Boston Celtics
41324 Cremica
41325 Seldon Cretics
41326 None of the above

13. How many overall points did Shaquille O Neal scored?

41327 10,234
41328 12,567
41329 28,596
41330 56,678

14. How many restaurants does Shaquille O Neal own?

41331 120
41332 150
41333 198
41334 155

15. What is the favorite timepass of Shaquille O Neal?

41335 Reading
41336 Writing
41337 Watching Films
41338 Playing
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