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Trivia Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About News of Relief For Coral Reef

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Coral reefs are invertebrate animals and occupy only 0.1% of the area of the ocean. Despite this, about 25 percent of marine life depends on these coral reefs. The Australian Government has decided to allocate 500 million Australian dollars to save the Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest and famous for coral reefs. Declared World Heritage by UNESCO, the Great Barrier Reef has long been damaged by pollution, coral bleaching, and attacks from the StarFish named Crown of Thorns. This money will be used to increase the quality of seawater, control starfish, increase the number of corals and increase underwater monitoring. These occur at lower depths because there is a lack of sunlight and oxygen at greater depths. So, take this quiz and increase your knowledge about coral reef.

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1. Which is called the marine rainforest?

28694 Coral reef
28695 Amazone
28696 Sundarbans
28697 None of these

2. What do polyps eat?

28698 Fish
28699 Plankton
28700 Crustaceans
28701 Seaweed

3. Where would you not expect to find a coral reef?

28702 Near an island
28703 Near the equator
28704 At the north pole
28705 Near the coast

4. Which type of coral reef forms a ring around a lagoon of water?

28706 Ringe Fringe reef
28707 Barrier reef
28708 Atoll
28709 None of these

5. Which type of coral reef forms close to the shoreline?

28710 Fringe reef
28711 Barrier reef
28712 Atoll
28713 All of above

6. Which type of coral reef can form far away from the shoreline?

28714 Ringe Fringe reef
28715 Barrier reef
28716 Atoll
28717 None of these

7. Which zone of a coral reef is where the reef is at its highest point and the waves break?

28718 Inner reef zone
28719 Fore zone
28720 Outer reef zone
28721 Crest reef zone

8. Nearly _________% of the total coral found in the world is found in the South-East Asia region.

28722 30 %
28723 40 %
28724 50 %
28725 10 %

9. How do humans damage coral reefs?

28726 Pollution
28727 Overfishing
28728 Bumping into them with boats
28729 All of above

10. Coral is used for.....

28730 Calcium supplement
28731 Prevent cancer
28732 Heart disease
28733 All of above

11. Which corals are toxic to humans?

28734 Palytoxin
28735 PTX
28736 Both of above
28737 None of these

12. The largest coral in the world is found in the ________ region. They are found in areas up to 30 degrees of the equator.

28738 Arabian Sea
28739 Indo-Pacific region
28740 Bay of Bengal
28741 None of these
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