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Trivia Quiz On Disease Of Animal! Test Your Knowledge About Plant Nutrients Quiz

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The disease is basically an abnormal condition that negatively affects the structure and function of the body of the living organism. The diseases are caused by different factors like dysfunction of the immune system and externally affected by pathogens. Only the human being is not affected by the disease, animals also affected by the disease. Let's test your knowledge about the Disease of animals.

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1. Bovine tuberculosis in cattle is caused by....

14225 Worm
14226 Protozoa
14227 Bacteria
14228 Fungi

2. Which organ is affected by the disease fowlpox in poultry bords?

14229 Heart
14230 Lung
14231 Intestine
14232 Skin

3. Which animal is affected by helminthic?

14237 Cattle
14238 Sheep
14239 Goat
14240 Poultry bird

4. Ranikhet disease in poultry bird is caused by....

14241 Bacteria
14242 Virus
14243 Fungus
14244 Protozoa

5. Anthrax in cattle is caused by ....

14245 Virus
14246 Protozoa
14247 Fungus
14248 Bacteria

6. Which body part is affected by the disease rinderpest in sheep?

14249 Skin
14250 Lungs
14251 Spleen
14252 Intestine

7. Mastitis in cattle is caused by ...

14253 Worm
14254 Fungus
14255 Virus
14256 Bacteria

8. Ringworm in cattle is caused by ....

14257 Fungus
14258 Bacteria
14259 Worm
14260 Virus

9. Which pathogen caused foot and mouth disease in pig and cattle?

14261 Fungus
14262 Virus
14263 Worm
14264 Protozoa

10. Which animal is affected by aspergillosis?

14265 Cattles
14266 Pigs
14267 Goats
14268 Poultry birds
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