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Test Your Knowledge About Child Marriage Prohibition Act in India Trivia Quiz

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The malice of child marriage, which has been playing since childhood of innocent people, is still prevalent in many countries including India. On the surface, there have been efforts to prevent the government, but according to experts, illiteracy and poverty are the root causes of which this evil practice is still lying. This is the reason that this malicious practice is deeper in the villages than in the cities. The Child Marriage Prohibition Act was enacted in 2006 to prevent child marriage, but it could not be stopped even after that. Many funding agencies provide funds only on publicity, funds are not given for cancellation. There is a need to think in this direction for prevention and abolition of child marriage. Let's take an awesome trivia quiz about Child Marriage Prohibition Act in India.

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1. The Supreme Court has reinterpreted the points mentioned in which section of the Child Marriage Prohibition Act, 2006?

52398 Section 5
52399 Section 7
52400 Section 9
52401 Section 11

2. The bench headed by which has reinterpreted the points mentioned in section 9 of 2006?

52402 Justice Mohan M Shantanagar
52403 Justice D.Y chandrachud
52404 Justice N Khanvilkar
52405 All of the above

3. The Child Marriage Prohibition Act extends to the whole of India except the state & union territories of...........

52406 Jammu and Kashmir
52407 Arunachal Pradesh
52408 Meghalay
52409 Sikkim

4. How many girls are affected by child marriage in every year?

52410 Every year 10 million
52411 Every year 12 million
52412 Every year 13 million
52413 Every year 14 million

5. Which country have a high ratio of child marriage?

52414 Niger
52415 Bangladesh
52416 South Africa
52417 Pakistan

6. In which state child marriage most common in India?

52418 Uttar Pradesh
52419 Jharkhand
52420 West Bangal
52421 Bihar

7. According to a Registrar General of India report, in Jharkhand what is the percent of child marriage?

52422 14.1%
52423 14.0%
52424 13.9%
52425 09.1%

8. What is the percent of child marriage in Bihar?

52426 19.3%
52427 09.3%
52428 06.3%
52429 05.3%

9. In which state where child marriage rates have increased in 2019 years?

52430 Jharkhand
52431 Telangana
52432 Kerala
52433 Andhra Pradesh

10. Which state/ union territories was reported to be the only state with lowest child marriage cases?

52434 Jammu and Kashmir
52435 Chandigarh
52436 Andhra Pradesh
52437 Kerala

11. According to UNICEF what is the percentage of girl child marriage before the age of 15?

52438 05%
52439 06%
52440 07%
52441 08%

12. For what reasons are child marriages often prevalent?

52442 Insecurity
52443 Political and financial reasons
52444 Lack of education,etc
52445 All of the above
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