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Quiz: How Well You Know About Vanessa Hudgens?

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Vanessa Hudgens is not only a popular American actress but also a well-known American singer, who is primarily known for her portrayal of 'Gabriella Montez' in the popular 'high school musical' trilogy. She was born Hudgain in Salinas, California, her father Gregory was a fire-fighter and her mother Jina worked a job to support the family, her mother was a native of Manila, Philippines, and her father was Irish and Native American. Were of origin. Vanessa's grandparents were musicians and inspired her to sing and perform in musical theaters from a very young age. And only when she was eight years old did she start singing in local plays, and after two years of experience, she auditioned for several TV commercials. And then in 2006, she became a popular actress playing her breakthrough role as Gabriella Montez in High School Musical. So let's start this quiz and know about a popular actress Venessa Hudgens.

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1. In which year Venessa Hudgens was born?

108316 1988
108317 1998
108318 1978
108319 1989

2. She makes her debut in ....... movie.

108320 Polar
108321 Beastly
108322 Thirteen
108323 Second Act

3. Which character was portrayed by her in the movie "The Knight Before Christmas"?

108324 Brooke
108325 Alluson
108326 Madison
108327 Caroler

4. Who was her co-star in Second Act?

108328 Jacob Soley
108329 Jennifer Lopez
108330 Tom Hanks
108331 Tom Cruise

5. For which movie she won the Teen Choice Award?

108332 Spring Breakers
108333 Sucker Punch
108334 High School Musical
108335 Gimme Shelter

6. Which character was portrayed by her in the movie Tick, Tick... Boom!?

108336 Rosa
108337 Susan
108338 Riger
108339 Caressa

7. In which year she won Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actress?

108340 2003
108341 2009
108342 2007
108343 2010

8. In which movie she plays the role of "Kelly "?

108344 Rent Live
108345 The princess Switch
108346 Bad Boys for Life
108347 The Frozen Ground

9. Which character was portrayed by her in the movie "The World According to Miley Cyrus"?

108348 Billy Ray
108349 Miley Cyrus
108350 Zac Efron
108351 Venessa Hudgens

10. In which year she was honored with Radio Disney Music Award for Best True Ringer Ring Tone?

108352 2004
108353 2006
108354 2008
108355 2010
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