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Quiz: How Well You Know About Bill Murray?

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Bill Murray is not only a popular American actor but also a famous voice actor, comedian, filmmaker, and writer, who is known for their deadpan delivery. He was born in Wilmette, Illinois as a mailroom clerk and Edward Joseph Murray II, a lumber salesman. He did his primary education at St. Joseph Grade School, and then after finishing his education at Regis University, he joined the cast of the Second City Improvement Comedy troupe in Chicago with his older brother, Brian Doyle-Murray, and began his career in acting with comic roles, and then became a popular actor shortly after casting in the short-lived variety show, "Saturday Night Live". So let's start this quiz and know about a popular American actor Bill Murray.

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1. Which of the following year Bill Murray was born?

103716 1950
103717 1947
103718 1955
103719 1960

2. In which movie he had his first starring role?

103724 Stripped
103725 Meatballs
103726 Rushmore
103727 Meatballs

3. For which movie Bill Murray was nominated on Academy Awards in 2003?

103728 Space Jam
103729 What About Bob
103730 Lost in Translation
103731 The Dead Don't Die

4. For which film he was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award?

103732 Broken Flowers
103733 The Jungle Book
103734 Quick Change
103735 A Very Murray Christmas

5. How many times Bill Murray was nominated on Golden Globe Award?

103740 Two times
103741 Five times
103742 Six times
103743 Ten times

6. Which character was portrayed by him in the movie Hamlet?

103744 Horatio
103745 Claudius
103746 Polonius
103747 Rosencrantz

7. Which character was voiced by him in the movie Garfield: The Movie?

103748 Wendell
103749 Garfield
103750 Engineer
103751 Thomas

8. Which movie was co-directed by him?

103752 Ed Wood
103753 Wild Things
103754 Isle Of Dogs
103755 Quick Change

9. Who was his co-star in the movie "Rushmore"?

103756 Olivia Colman
103757 Olivia Williams
103758 Scarlett Johansson
103759 None of these

10. What is the occupation of Bill Murray?

103760 Actor
103761 Comedian
103762 Writer
103763 All of these

11. During which movie, Murray married Margaret Kelly?

103772 Next Stop
103773 Stripes
103774 Meatballs
103775 Tootsie

12. How many children he has?

103776 6
103777 5
103778 4
103779 3
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