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How To Find Your Passion Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What are your main values in life?

13693 Peace, love and music
13694 Family values
13695 Self-discovery
13696 Living in the moment

2. Do you like doing physical tasks and activities?

13697 No
13698 Yes
13699 Yes, I like to walk in the morning
13700 No, I do not like to waste time

3. The most important thing to me is:

13701 Experiencing life as fully as possible
13702 My career
13703 Enjoying every bit of life
13704 Nurturing my artistic talent

4. Do you want to settle down fairly young?

13705 No
13706 Yes
13707 Depending on mood
13708 This is totally time waste

5. What would you like to do with your life?

13709 Be happy
13710 Reach my full potential
13711 Help people
13712 Get married and have a family

6. v

13713 Researching your next holiday destination
13714 Watching or playing sport
13715 Reading news and current events
13716 Listening to music/concerts

7. Do you have a clear vision for your future?

13717 I have no idea
13718 I do but the thought makes me nervous
13719 I know exactly what it will do
13720 No, I am confused

8. Do you think you have a passion in life?

13721 Yes, I have
13722 But I lost the passion some time
13723 No, I do not have
13724 No comment

9. Do you love to participate in any of these activities?

13725 Sports teams
13726 Theater group/dance or drama classes
13727 Community meetings, volunteering at local events
13728 I don’t stay in one place long enough to join groups

10. Do you have enough focus and determination to fulfill your goal?

13729 Yes, I have
13730 No, I do not have
13731 I am confused
13732 Absolutely, Yes
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