How To Find Your Passion Quiz

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It's very normal to feel ambitious for progress, without having an idea about what you need to do. Take this test to recognize what makes a difference to you most. Answer these questions and find your passion and purpose in life in just a few minutes with our quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. What are your main values in life?

A. Peace, love and music

B. Family values

C. Self-discovery

D. Living in the moment

2. Do you like doing physical tasks and activities?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Yes, I like to walk in the morning

D. No, I do not like to waste time

3. The most important thing to me is:

A. Experiencing life as fully as possible

B. My career

C. Enjoying every bit of life

D. Nurturing my artistic talent

4. Do you want to settle down fairly young?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Depending on mood

D. This is totally time waste

5. What would you like to do with your life?

A. Be happy

B. Reach my full potential

C. Help people

D. Get married and have a family

6. v

A. Researching your next holiday destination

B. Watching or playing sport

C. Reading news and current events

D. Listening to music/concerts

7. Do you have a clear vision for your future?

A. I have no idea

B. I do but the thought makes me nervous

C. I know exactly what it will do

D. No, I am confused

8. Do you think you have a passion in life?

A. Yes, I have

B. But I lost the passion some time

C. No, I do not have

D. No comment

9. Do you love to participate in any of these activities?

A. Sports teams

B. Theater group/dance or drama classes

C. Community meetings, volunteering at local events

D. I don’t stay in one place long enough to join groups

10. Do you have enough focus and determination to fulfill your goal?

A. Yes, I have

B. No, I do not have

C. I am confused

D. Absolutely, Yes

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