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Quiz: How Much You Know About Her Private Life?

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Are you also confused about choosing one favorite show from millions of shows to binge-watch? Do you also love to see TV shows a lot? If you are also a true TV show lover, then aren't you aware of the finest series Her Private Life? How Much You Know About “Her Private Life”? Do you think you have the intellect to answer all the questions about the show and get your good score about the show? If you are confused about the show, then you must try this very interesting quiz specifically for the show lovers. Try it out and put an end to your confusion!!

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1. How many episodes does the show have?

110770 19
110771 5
110772 18
110773 16

2. When was the first episode of the show released?

110774 16 January, 2019
110775 6 February, 2019
110776 10 April, 2019
110777 20 May, 2018

3. Who is the director of the show?

110778 Yong One
110779 Hong Jong Chan
110780 Hui
110781 Yuju

4. When was the final episode of the show released?

110782 30 May, 2019
110783 18 September, 2019
110784 21 November, 2019
110785 24 December, 2019

5. What is the genre of the show?

110786 Action
110787 Horror
110788 Thriller
110789 Romantic Comedy

6. On which novel is the show based?

110790 Mario Puzo
110791 Fault in our stars
110792 Noona Fan Dot Com
110793 The Girl Next Door

7. What is the name of the museum in the show?

110794 The Ruled Sem
110795 Cheum Museum of Art
110796 Entangled Museum of Mystery
110797 None of the above

8. Who stars as Sung Deok-mi?

110798 Park Min Young
110799 Heonseok
110800 Yuju
110801 Hong Jong Chan

9. Who was the standoffish new art director of the Cheum Museum of Art?

110802 Kim Jae Wook
110803 Park Min Young
110804 Hong Jong Chan
110805 Fa

10. What is the name of the song in the show?

110806 Baby
110807 Get Yourself Boosted Up
110808 Don't Lose
110809 Help Me

11. WHo is the husband of Seon Joon?

110810 Yeo One
110811 Hong Kong Jan
110812 Kang Seung Min
110813 Yuju

12. Who is the writer of the show?

110814 Hong Jong Chan
110815 Kim Hye Young
110816 Seon Joon
110817 Park Min Young

13. What is the IMDB rating of the show?

110818 7.8
110819 8.9
110820 9.6
110821 10
Let’s start the quiz

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