Quiz: How Messy Are You?

Questions : 12 | Total Attempts: 240 | Recent Updated: 23-Sep-2022
Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
We all are a little or more in a mess, let the day be today, yesterday or tomorrow. Our behavior and handling techniques are the key to live a healthy and peaceful life. A life tends to be revolving and surrounded by people we live with. Either we or they may create some nuisance which is a result to sour relationships. Our mind is unsteady, restless, strong, turbulent and very fickle. These nature of our mind leads to uneasiness and our mental health starts deteriorating. Our behavior has environmental consequences, which can have positive or negative impact on us. We can have a control on our thoughts and have a peaceful mind which is capable of tackling worst situations very bravely. One can do Yoga, Meditation, and get indulged into some sports and co-curricular activities to stay fit and healthy. There are four personality types: Optimistic, Pessimistic, Trusting and Envious. We express our emotions physically, mentally and socially through some signs, signals or actions. We should be kind and polite to everyone no matter however they are irrespective of caste, creed, gender.

Questions Excerpt

1. When did you last lied to someone?

A. Today

B. Yesterday

C. Never lied to anyone

D. Don’t remember

2. How often do you take bath/shower?

A. Once in a day

B. Twice a day

C. Alternatively

D. On mood and weather

3. How often do you go for tooth cleaning?

A. Every month

B. After six months

C. Once in a year

D. Never been

4. How often do you trim your nails?

A. In a month

B. Whenever feel like

C. Every three months

D. Long time, no see

5. How often do you change your socks?

A. Everyday

B. Repeats two times

C. Wear the same daily

D. Never preferred

6. How do you deal with your problems?

A. Angrily

B. Calmly and Peacefully

C. Let it be the way it is

D. Seek for help

7. How often do you change your bedsheet?

A. Once in a week

B. Twice a week

C. Been ages

D. Hard to remember

8. Do you share your dark secrets?

A. To very closed one

B. With everyone

C. Only my friends and love

D. With nobody

9. How often do you eat junk food?

A. Almost everyday

B. Look for healthy in junk food too

C. Occasionally

D. When I lose my temper

10. How often do you shampoo?

A. Twice a week

B. Once in a week

C. In a month

D. Been so long

11. How do you behave with the one who behaves rudely?

A. Tit for Tat

B. Talk to him/her politely and make things clear

C. Cuts off from the place

D. Ignores and diverts the conversation

12. What do you do after a long day?

A. Wash hands, face and feet

B. Prefer a warm shower

C. Just run to bed

D. I’m moody


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