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European Union Trivia Quiz! How Much You Know About European Union?

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Initially, six countries of Europe had established the European Union to create a market of common Europe. The European Union is a political and economic forum of 28 countries mainly located in Europe, in which there is an administrative partnership among each other, which is applicable to many or all the nations of the Union. The European Union group represents its member countries in the eight United Nations and the World Trade Organization. 21 countries of the European Union are also members of NATO. Important institutions of the European Union include the European Commission, European Parliament, European Union Council, European Court of Justice and European Central Bank, etc. The citizens of the European Union elect members of their parliamentary system every five years. Although these members are elected at the national level but in the European Parliament they do not sit according to their nationality and sit by the party. Each member nation is allotted a certain number of seats. The European Parliament enjoys powers similar to the European Council in matters of legislative powers of the Union. Let's play & know more about the European Union!

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1. European Union was formed by merging which institutions?

39599 United states europe
39600 European Economic Community
39601 European Atomic Energy Community
39602 All of above

2. When did the European Union flag come into existence?

39603 In 1986
39604 In 1976
39605 In 1956
39606 In 1996

3. When did the European Union officially become the European Union?

39607 In 1999
39608 In 1996
39609 In 1993
39610 In 1990

4. Malta and _______ also entered the European Union on 1 January 2008.

39611 Cyprus
39612 Romania
39613 Bulgaria
39614 Finland

5. The climate of the European Union greatly affects its ________ km long coastline.

39615 77,000 km
39616 76,000 km
39617 60,000 km
39618 66,000 km

6. How many sq km is the combined geographical boundary of the European Union?

39619 2222773 sq km
39620 3322773 sq km
39621 4422773 sq km
39622 5522773 sq km

7. Which is the highest peak in the European Union?

39623 Mount Blanc
39624 Mount Abu
39625 K2
39626 All of above

8. Which region, despite being part of the European Union, does not fall within the geographical area of ​​the Union?

39627 Channel
39628 Faror Islands
39629 Both of the above
39630 None of these

9. Which of the following countries is not a member of the EU?

39631 Switzerland
39632 Estonia
39633 Denmark
39634 Malta

10. Where is the headquarters of the European Union?

39635 Luxembourg
39636 Greece
39637 Belgium
39638 Netherlands

11. Who is the current President of the European Commission?

39639 Herman Van Rompuy
39640 Donald Tusk
39641 Jean-Claude Juncker
39642 None of the above

12. Which of the following was the purpose of the European Union?

39643 Establishment of an economic and monetary union
39644 Enforce uniform foreign and defense policy
39645 Developing shared relations in the field of home and justice matters
39646 All of the above
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