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Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Dwayne Johnson "The Rock"

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Dwayne Johnson is an American actor, professional WWE wrestler, and producer. He is popularly known as "The Rock". He was a professional wrestler in WWE for eight years prior to pursuing an acting career. He made his WWF debut in 1996. His original name was ‘Rocky Maivia’ which was a mixture of his father’s name and his grandfather’s name.

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1. What is the birthdate of Dwayne Johnson?

14409 2 May
14410 3 April
14411 24 November
14412 25 August

2. What is the height of Dwayne Johnson?

14413 2.45 meters
14414 1.95 meters
14415 1.98 meters
14416 1.89 meters

3. How many times was Dwayne arrested before the age of 17?

14417 11
14418 0
14419 9
14420 4

4. In which field Dwayne holds degree?

14421 Sociology
14422 Biology
14423 Economics
14424 Criminology

5. What is the record maintained by Dwayne?

14425 Most movies done
14426 Most selfies taken
14427 Highest paid actor
14428 No. of criminal records

6. What is the diet of Dwayne Johnson?

14429 820 lbs of cod
14430 450 lbs of cod
14431 230 liters of milk
14432 180 liters of milk

7. What material was used for the movie "Hercules"?

14433 Monkey hair
14434 Testicle hair
14435 Dog hair
14436 Zebra hair

8. What role was played by Dwayne in the episode of The 70's show?

14437 Himself
14438 His brother
14439 His best friend
14440 His Father

9. What is the name of Dwayne's father?

14441 Tony Atlas
14442 Rumie Johnson
14443 Don Muraco
14444 Rocky Johnson

10. What is the name of Dwayne's wife?

14445 Dany Garcia
14446 Lauren Hashian
14447 Angelina Jolie
14448 Simone Alexandra Johnson
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