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Does Your Crush Secretly Love You Quiz

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1. Do you ever talk to them?

82833 Yes, all the time
82834 Sometimes when they got time
82835 Yes, they free their time for me
82836 Nope, they ignore me

2. Did they ever make laugh?

82837 No, they are always serious around me
82838 Sometime along with other friends
82839 Occassionally
82840 Yes, they really make me laugh a lot

3. Have you ever found them staring at you?

82841 No, they don't make any eye contact with me ever
82842 Yes, but not sure if it's me
82843 Yes, and I smile back too
82844 Yes, I often find him staring and stare back at him too

4. When do you talk with each other?

82845 Everytime
82846 We often have a word in the need of help
82847 Generally have a word whenever free
82848 They don't have time to talk to me

5. Have you ever gone out with them?

82849 Yes, once in a week we plan an outing
82850 Yes, but along with friends
82851 Once, just for work
82852 No, we are not having a this much good connection

6. Have you ever heard from their friend that if they like you?

82853 Yes, everyone tells me
82854 Yes, one of his friend just thought
82855 No, no one ever said
82856 Yes, but I feel they are joking

7. What do you find in his behavior when they are with their friends?

82857 Ignores me
82858 Just waves with a smile
82859 Invites me to meet them and sit along
82860 Comes out to specially meet me

8. Have you ever found that they flirt with you?

82861 Yes, they always flirt with me
82862 Sometimes
82863 Not exactly flirt just a good talk
82864 Nope, we hardly talk

9. Have your friends ever teased you both as a couple?

82865 Yes, always
82866 Sometimes when he is not around
82867 Yes, but as a joke
82868 Never, I wish they did

10. What do they do when you see them?

82869 Smiles back at me
82870 Starts staring back but for mere seconds
82871 Ignores Me
82872 Stares back at me and winks
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