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Quiz: Which Riverdale Character You are Like most?

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Have you also loved the concept of a TV show and just loved its concept? Are you also a TV show lover? If yes, then you must be loving the finest show Riverdale? The show has been in talks for most of the time and loved by all. You must have also loved the characters of the show? Have you ever thought what if you were a character of the show? How would your life be? How will you tackle the problems faced and fun of the characters? If you are curious to know Which Riverdale Character You are Like most? Then, try out this quiz and see your results!!

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1. What is life according to you?

111546 Taking care of ones you love
111547 Being hot and rich
111548 Finding yourself
111549 Being famous

2. What is your personality?

111550 Generous
111551 Adventurous
111552 Quirky
111553 Intelligent

3. Choose your favorite subject?

111554 English+Literature
111555 Math+Science
111556 Physical Education
111557 Art+Music

4. What is your favorite after school activity?

111558 Football
111559 Cheerleading
111560 Band
111561 School Newspaper

5. What is your favorite TV channel?

111562 MTV
111563 CW
111564 HBO
111565 ESPN

6. Do you like to go to parties in high school?

111566 Rarely
111567 Somewhat
111568 Often
111569 Very Often

7. How many boyfriends or girlfriends you had in high school?

111570 Zero
111571 One
111572 Two
111573 Three or more

8. What is your favorite season?

111574 Summer
111575 WInter
111576 Spring
111577 Fall

9. Who is your favorite author?

111578 Jane Austin
111579 Ruskin Bond
111580 Ernest Hemingway
111581 I don't read

10. What describes your best feeling in high school?

111582 Excited
111583 Nervous
111584 Scared
111585 Confident

11. What describes you best as a teenager?

111586 Quiet
111587 Sweet
111588 Sassy
111589 Beloved

12. Pick your favorite dessert?

111590 Ice Cream
111591 Cake
111592 Pie
111593 Donuts
Let’s start the quiz

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