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Quiz: What Workout Program is Best For You?

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What's your fitness goal? Exercise gets you in better shape. With several workout plans, it is difficult to narrow down the one that fits you. Try to choose your exercises or activities that match your personality. And remember; stick with it for a long time. Take this quiz to find out what workout program is best for you.

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1. How would you react to a new opportunity?

111414 I would embrace it
111415 Set it as my goal and also set a deadline to achieve it
111416 Invite friends to join me
111417 Seek advice from friends

2. How much time can you dedicate to exercising?

111418 Honestly, it is difficult to take out time for exercising
111419 30 minutes to 1 hour daily
111420 2 hours a day
111421 A few hours a week

3. Where do you prefer exercising?

111422 Indoors
111423 Outdoors
111424 It doesn't matter
111425 A mix of both

4. You exercise at-

111426 Gym
111427 Home
111428 Garden
111429 I don't exercise

5. Group or alone

111430 Group
111431 Alone
111432 Alone & group in the garden
111433 Mostly in group

6. What activity appeals to you most?

111434 Running
111435 Jogging
111436 Crunches
111437 Kickball

7. What type of music do you listen to relax on Friday night?

111438 Instrumental, like Japanese flute
111439 Energizing music like salsa music
111440 Loud music like heavy metal
111441 Nature's song, like birds, chirping

8. You're out on a date, how will you dress?

111442 Romantic
111443 Sexy
111444 Casual
111445 I pay little attention to it

9. Who makes a plan for the vacations?

111446 You only
111447 Ask everyone in the family for their inputs
111448 Plan together, with assigning a task to everyone
111449 Hire a planner

10. What do you think when you look in the mirror?

111450 I am beautiful
111451 I need to cut down the fat
111452 I love myself
111453 I got skin tanning
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