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Quiz: What Pet Should I Get?

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Pets are man’s best mates and having pets at home is common nowadays. They can be a cat or a dog or rabbit or any other animal and having them with us is the most memorable thing for all of us. They are like a member of our family and they mingle and have fun with us quite affectionately. A pet knows his master very well is faithful all the time. This quiz tells us what pet is right for you to tame.

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1. Are you attracted to animals?

55610 Yes
55611 No, I hate animals
55612 A little
55613 They are adorable

2. What type of pet is yours?

55614 A puppy
55615 A kitten
55616 A baby rabbit
55617 A baby horse

3. What is the name of your pet?

55618 Blacky
55619 Browny
55620 Jackie
55621 Rocky

4. How different is your pet from others?

55622 Very different
55623 Quite similar
55624 Almost similar
55625 Better than others

5. Does your pet have any physical disability?

55626 No, not at all
55627 Yes, it is lame
55628 It is not able to crawl
55629 I am not sure about it

6. How much do you love your pet?

55630 Very much
55631 To some extent
55632 I do not like my pet.
55633 I prefer not to say

7. Does your pet let you down?

55634 Yes of course
55635 Rather sometimes
55636 I am sad that my pet is not worth what it is
55637 I am proud of my pet

8. Do others pamper your pet?

55638 Yes always
55639 Sometimes
55640 No, it is not
55641 I do not want it to be pampered

9. Does your pet have a personality?

55642 Yes, it has a pleasing personality
55643 No, it has no personality at all
55644 It has a mediocre personality
55645 Never know what others perceive

10. What is bad about your pet?

55646 It is ugly
55647 It is average
55648 It is north worth mentioning
55649 I hate it altogether.
Let’s start the quiz

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