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What Kind Of Guys Do I Attract Quiz

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There is a typical saying that we draw in what we give out. This can be the situation with regards to dating, as there are a few people who draw in the terrible kid whereas others pull in the treat. Which sort of fellow do you draw in? Take up this test to discover.

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1. Is it accurate to say that you are popular in your group?

27178 Definitely, I suspect as much
27179 What does that even mean?
27180 Truly, I can even kick some young men's rear end
27181 Not in any manner brother! I'm simply one more young lady

2. Have you proposed somebody and got rejected?

27182 Indeed, ordinarily
27183 I guess...Yes
27184 Not in the least! No one can coordinate
27185 Never done that

3. What is your preferred ride?

27186 A boss games bicycle
27187 Just a bike/scooty
27188 A great car
27189 I truly couldn't care less about it

4. What sort of companions do you have?

27190 Every single kind, snap, decent and basic, geeks, cool, appealing ones...
27191 I have cool sort of companions
27192 Simple, neither too cool nor too geek
27193 I don't have companions

5. What do you think is your best feature?

27194 My brain
27195 Hands
27196 Smile
27197 Eyes

6. What do you do in your available time?

27198 Simply watch motion pictures on Netflix
27199 Go out... To a companion's or shopping
27200 Peruse a book
27201 Go for Bicycle ride

7. What sort of folks do you like?

27202 Attractive, alluring...
27203 All things considered, never thought of it
27204 Innovative and brilliant!
27205 Does it truly make a difference?

8. Shouldn't something be said about engaging in sexual relations?

27206 I wouldn't fret however it depends...
27207 Completely love...
27208 No chance...
27209 I don't know...

9. What do you like to eat?

27210 Pizza, burgers, franks... Mushy STUFF!
27211 Veggies
27212 Whatever soothes the yearning
27213 Just homemade sustenance

10. Choose your date location:

27214 An art gallery
27215 Restaurant
27216 Beach location
27217 None of the above
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