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Quiz: What Is My Religion?

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Questions & Options

1. How many deities are there?

71835 Only one God
71836 Three Gods
71837 Many, uncountable
71838 There is no God, it is a false basis

2. Which is your belief about God?

71839 I highly believe in the existence of God & worshipping him
71840 God is an incorporeal life force
71841 I believe that God doesn't expect us to worship him in churches & temples
71842 I do not believe in God

3. What is your view origin of on Humanity?

71843 Humans are the best creation of God
71844 I don’t know when Humanity began
71845 Mankind is created in its existing state by God on the 6th day of creation
71846 It was developed under some planetary position in some season

4. Where would you find me in free time?

71847 With my family
71848 In solitude
71849 With God’s place
71850 Among others of my faith

5. What is your view on Televangelists?

71851 Television evangelists are sincere preachers
71852 They are cons who frighten people to take advantage of them
71853 Some may be genuine yet maximum are two-faced
71854 Can’t say anything

6. Your faith has how many types?

71855 4
71856 3
71857 2
71858 1

7. How much the world population follows your faith?

71859 8-10%
71860 15%
71861 24%
71862 29%

8. What does your religion say about Life and death?

71863 As soon as the breath after the dead leaves, the body becomes evil
71864 Death is the unification with the Lord
71865 Death is an end of worldly life and the beginning of afterlife
71866 Death is a natural phenomenon that leads to rebirth

9. What is your much-awaited holiday?

71867 Christmas
71868 Diwali
71869 Eid
71870 Yule

10. How many countries follow your religion?

71871 One
71872 More than a dozen
71873 A few
71874 None
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