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Test Your Knowledge About Bermuda Triangle! The Devils Triangle or Hurricane Alley The Worlds Most Mysterious Area Trivia Quiz

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It is the most mysterious area in the world. Everything passing around here goes missing. Whatever went around the Bermuda Triangle, whether it was a water ship or an airplane, it disappeared forever. NASA's satellite has captured some pictures of the Earth that can unravel the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. There is also a picture of clouds hovering above the Bermuda Triangle located in the Atlantic Ocean. According to an estimate, for the last 70 years, no scientist has been able to go there and dare to cover up this secret, because the seaplanes and planes passing there suddenly disappeared into the sea trough due to special geographical reasons. This area of ??the Bermuda Triangle is spread between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto-Rica. The region is close to the equator and is close to the US. This region is a part of the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. Let's Check Your Knowledge About Bermuda Triangle Trivia Quiz

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1. The term 'Bermuda Triangle' was first applied in a magazine article in which year?

34031 In 1965
34032 In 1964
34033 In 1999
34034 In 1974

2. What strange feature has been noted in the area by satellites?

34035 Unexpected clouds appear rapidly
34036 Sparkling lights at night
34037 Glowing white water
34038 No anyone of above

3. The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious place that covers roughly 500,000 square miles in which the ocean?

34039 Pacific
34040 Indian
34041 Atlantic
34042 Arabian

4. Edward Van Winkle Jones wrote a piece about the ___________ for The Miami Herald.

34043 Rectangle
34044 Circle
34045 Triangle
34046 Hemispherical

5. The first highly disseminate evanescence in the Bermuda Triangle involved five Navy Avengers in which year?

34047 In 1945
34048 In 1955
34049 In 1975
34050 In 1995

6. Who was piloting DC-3 commercial flight NC-16002 from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Miami when the plane vanished?

34051 Capt. William "Bud" Hammill
34052 Capt. John Herschel Overing
34053 Capt. Robert Lundquist
34054 All of above

7. The Beech Bonanza disappeared in 1981 and the ____________ Sulphur Queen was lost in 1963.

34055 Q.S. Marine
34056 S.S. Marine
34057 Z.S. Marine
34058 H.S. Marine

8. Tornadoes and seismic activity from underwater earthquakes are both thought to attribute to disappearances in the _______ region.

34059 Indian ocean region
34060 Bermuda Triangle region
34061 Pacific Ocean region
34062 None of these

9. Which gas affects the density of ocean water on rupturing?

34063 Nitrogen
34064 Sulphur
34065 Methane
34066 Carbon dioxide

10. The ____________ crew disappeared along with the plane, which was never seen again.

34067 23-man crew
34068 13-man crew
34069 20-man crew
34070 25-man crew

11. A former BSAA pilot claimed this factor caused the Star Ariel and an earlier plane, the Star Tiger, to crash:

34071 Sabotage
34072 Aliens
34073 Nazi holdovers
34074 None of above

12. Christopher Columbus reported that he saw what as he sailed through the area?

34075 Mermaids
34076 A miles-wide waterspout
34077 A huge lick of fire
34078 All of above
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