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Do You Know About Causes And Effects of Thermal Pollution Degradation Of Water Quality Trivia Quiz

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Thermal or "thermal pollution" is a process that reduces or reduces the quality of water and increases its ambient temperature. Which leads to an increase in temperature. This is due to the use of coolant water by various industrial plants such as thermal, nuclear, nuclear, coal factories, oil field generators, factories, and mills. Pollutants released from various industrial plants, such as factories and mills, decrease oxygen concentration with increasing water temperature. Fish in the water require 6ppm (per million parts) to survive which cannot tolerate high water temperatures and may fall to the brink of extinction. Aquatic organisms such as juvenile fish, plankton, fish, eggs, larvae, algae, and protozoa, are highly susceptible to death due to sudden temperature changes. Therefore, we can say that any type of pollution can directly or indirectly affect humans because the loss of biodiversity causes changes affecting all aspects of the environment. Take this Thermal Pollution Degradation Of Water Quality Trivia Quiz

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1. Which is a source of thermal pollution?

33287 Nuclear power plant
33288 Coal field power plant
33289 Hydroelectric power plant
33290 All of above

2. How does thermal pollution affect the environment?

33291 Sudden change in temperature
33292 Decreases oxygen supply
33293 Redistribution of organisms
33294 All of above

3. Which is called when an industry removes water from a source and then returns the heated water to its source?

33295 Water pollution
33296 Thermal pollution
33297 Soil pollution
33298 Air pollution

4. What is the effect of warmer temperature on the fishes?

33299 Increase the metabolism
33300 Decrease the metabolism
33301 Stabilize the metabolism
33302 Increase the solubility of oxygen

5. What is the disadvantage of control measures of thermal pollution by passing the heated water?

33303 Water is lost due to leakage
33304 Water is lost due to absorption
33305 Water is lost due to dilution
33306 Water is lost due to evaporation

6. How does soil erosion cause thermal pollution?

33307 By making natural water bodies to hold in its normal level
33308 By polluting the water bodies
33309 By avoiding sunlight to fall on the water bodies
33310 By making natural water bodies to rise beyond their normal level

7. What is thermal shock?

33311 Sudden raises of temperature to abnormal level
33312 Sudden cooling of temperature to abnormal level
33313 Temperature difference change
33314 None of these

8. How does an artificial lake help in solving thermal pollution?

33315 It stores heated water
33316 It gives a good aesthetic view
33317 It helps to breed fishes
33318 All of above

9. What is called for the useless heat from hot water recycled by industries?

33319 Cooling towers
33320 Recycling
33321 Heat pump
33322 Co-generation

10. Which country creates the highest thermal pollution?

33323 Europe
33324 United Kingdom
33325 United States
33326 India

11. Estimates are that __________% of the surface water in the United States is used as a coolant in power plants or other industrial uses.

33327 10%
33328 30%
33329 50%
33330 90%

12. The 'Brayton Point Power Station' in Massachusetts discharged heated water to Mount Hope Bay. The plant was shut down in _________.

33331 June 2010
33332 June 1, 2012
33333 June 2015
33334 June 2017
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