Quiz: Why Do You Love The World?

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Loving anything involves a lot of emotions and a big heart. Have you also ever loved anything? Well, loving your own world is one of the most prestigious and pure emotions. But have you thought about what might be the reasons for loving the world? What aspects of nature according to you make it more special to us? Millions of things are there to notice, but what makes you deeply fall in love with the world? If you are confused about what might be your choice of love, then here we are presenting to you a very astounding quiz and get the answer to the question Why do you love the world?

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you like to travel the world?

A. Often

B. Very Often

C. Rarely

D. Somewhat

2. What type of channels about the world do you love to watch?

A. Masterpeices

B. Variety of taste

C. Deep waters

D. Wildlife

3. Pick the item for which you are ready to give extra baggage costs?


B. Three cases of yogurt

C. Wine Collection

D. Small items to share with new people to meet

4. Choose your favorite souvenirs?

A. Feelings of blissed-out, post-vacation relaxation

B. Reading after reaching home

C. Email addresses of new friends you made

D. Sore muscles or sunburn

5. Pick the activity that you might be found doing on a weekend?

A. Instagramming

B. Hiking

C. Swimming

D. Well deserved massage

6. After returning from a trip what is the first thing you do?

A. Go to spa

B. Edit your photos

C. Try to make your favorite dishes

D. Get to your normal routine

7. What is the best thing you do to spend your flights?

A. Being bit fidgety

B. Catching upon reading books

C. With eye shades and neck pillow

D. Interacting with strangers

8. What might be the reason if your travel blunder goes viral?

A. Became fast friends with a faster scam artist

B. Norte Dama pictures

C. Tried to film your Queenstown paragliding experience

D. Got told off your wearing your bathing suit

9. What do you always have when you are in a new place?

A. Guide to must try restaurants

B. Camera

C. Phrase Book

D. Enough cash to indulge yourself

10. Which quote resonates the most with you the most?

A. There is such a thing as sacred idlenes

B. One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things

C. A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles

D. Never say no to adventures”

11. What might be you most excited about when you reach a new place?

A. Bicycling or hiking

B. Chatting with new people

C. Getting perfect photo

D. Shopping the designers

12. How do you get around a new place?

A. You love looking at new things

B. Frequent breaks to try local delicacies

C. In the most adventurous way possible

D. By asking locals for advice


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