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What Denomination Am I Quiz

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1. Who decides whether you will achieve salvation or not?

66038 God
66039 Individuals are free to choose for themselves
66040 Destiny
66041 Someone else will do

2. How will you define or explain God?

66042 Superpower
66043 Spirit
66044 The meaning is different in the Old Testament, New Testament, and present day
66045 God cannot be defined

3. Where do you believe God resides?

66046 They are present in everyone
66047 In my heart
66048 In Heaven
66049 In Church

4. How do you visualize Heaven as?

66050 A big family
66051 Fluffy clouds and angels
66052 Grand Church
66053 I don’t know

5. What do you often found doing on Sunday?

66054 I spend maximum time in the name of God
66055 Volunteering at old age home
66056 Spending time playing with kids
66057 Playing and Partying

6. How can the legitimate sacraments sum?

66058 No idea
66059 Baptism, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Orders, Anointing of the Sick
66060 Baptism, The Lord's Supper, and Confession
66061 Faith keeps me away from distractions like sacraments

7. At what age were you baptized?

66062 3 months
66063 6 months
66064 8 years
66065 Recently

8. Do you think the name of Jesus is mandatory during baptism?

66066 No
66067 Yes
66068 It’s not important
66069 I think yes it is a must

9. Is any importance of infant baptism?

66070 Of course
66071 Adult baptism is important than infant baptism
66072 No
66073 Only adults can understand baptism

10. What do you think of the Trinity?

66074 Father, Son & the Holy Spirit in single Godhead
66075 An affirmation about God
66076 Oneness of God
66077 Three separate entities
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