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Quiz: How Would You Rate Your Current Health Habits?

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Health for everyone is their crucial part. We all want to live a healthy life, but we all generally lack behind because of the growing bad health habits and the rising junk foods available in the market. But also, there are several fitness enthusiasts that motivate you to be a fitness freak or think about good health habits. But have you ever thought about what might be the rating of your health habits based on your current health? Try out this very interesting and amazing quiz and see How would you rate your current health habits? Get to know your real rate now!!

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1. How often do you workout?

122128 Often
122129 Somewhat
122130 Rarely
122131 Very often

2. How often do you stress?

122132 Rarely
122133 Somewhat
122134 Often
122135 Very often

3. Do you feel tired throughout the day?

122136 Somewhat agree
122137 Somewhat disagree
122138 Agree
122139 Disagree

4. At what time do you sleep at night?

122140 10 PM
122141 11 PM
122142 12 AM
122143 2 AM

5. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

122144 Lay on the bed again
122145 Think about work
122146 Workout
122147 Get my protein shake

6. At what time do you wake up?

122148 8 AM
122149 6 AM
122150 9 AM
122151 11 AM

7. How often do you skip meals?

122152 Somewhat
122153 Often
122154 Very often
122155 Rarely

8. Choose your preferred breakfast?

122156 Salad
122157 Toast
122158 Pancakes
122159 Burger

9. How often do you have a balanced diet?

122160 Often
122161 Somewhat
122162 Rarely
122163 Very Often

10. How often do you avoid excess fat?

122164 Very Often
122165 Often
122166 Somewhat
122167 Rarely

11. Do you make sure that you get proper vitamins and nutrients?

122168 Somewhat
122169 Often
122170 Rarely
122171 Very Often

12. Do you have the motivation to realize your plans?

122172 Somewhat agree
122173 Disagree
122174 Agree
122175 Somewhat disagree
Let’s start the quiz

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