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Quiz: Are You Connecting During Sex with Your Partner?

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Questions & Options

1. What is the timing of your sex session?

6532 15 minutes
6533 25 minutes
6534 30-35 minutes
6535 More than an hour

2. Do you use any sex toy at the time of sex with your partner?

6536 Rarely
6537 Sometimes
6538 Only when you feel the need of it
6539 Yes, always

3. Do you express your dirty thoughts about sex to your partner?

6540 Yes, all the time
6541 Yes, but not all the time
6542 Only when you feel comfortable
6543 No

4. Do you feel that you and your partner both are satisfied afte having sex?

6544 Yes, of course
6545 Sometimes
6546 Maybe
6547 No not at all

5. Which one is your favorite position after having sex?

6548 Cuddling
6549 You always have your head on his chest
6550 You both sleep on their side
6551 You don’t know about it

6. Most of the time who initiate the sexual activity on bed?

6552 You
6553 Both of you
6554 Your partner
6555 Actually nobody

7. According to you what is the meaning of sex?

6556 It is Love
6557 It is a time for affection
6558 It is a time to get busy
6559 Something normal

8. Do you sexually attract towards your partner?

6560 Yes, most of the time
6561 Sometimes when we are close.
6562 Yes, when we are on bed
6563 No, not at all

9. Do you feel boring at the time of sex?

6564 No
6565 Yes, sometimes
6566 You don’t know
6567 Yes, most of the time
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