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The Walking Dead Quiz: Which Is Your The Walking Dead Favorite Character?

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Entertainment has always been a top priority for all since in these advanced times of stress we need some fun. One of the finest things to entertain is a television series that entertain us really well and one of those very fine television series is Walking Dead, which has really done well. Have you ever thought about what if you were a character in the show? How might your life be based on your personality and lifestyle? Try out this very interesting and amazing quiz to see What Walking Dead Character Are You? Have fun and get all your answers simply!!

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1. What will you search first at the time of apocalypse?

129037 Shelter
129038 Weapons
129039 Food and water
129040 Get away

2. Whom will you search for first in times of apocalypse?

129041 My parents
129042 My friends
129043 My significant other
129044 My kids

3. Choose your favorite weapon?

129045 Sword
129046 Crossbow
129047 Gun
129048 Tank

4. How will you describe your group of friends?

129049 Like mended individuals
129050 People who listen to me
129051 A rag tag group of outsiders
129052 i don't have friends

5. Who is your personal favorite character?

129053 Rick Grimes
129054 Dale Hovarth
129055 Glen Rhee
129056 tyresse Williams

6. Choose the job that you love a lot?

129057 Veterinarian
129058 Cop
129059 Teacher
129060 Politician

7. What might be the remark that you would get on your report card?

129061 Pleasure to have in class
129062 Plays well with others
129063 Show s tremendous growth
129064 Needs to treat others with respect

8. What will you do if you have a project due on Thursday?

129065 Nothing
129066 Pull it all night
129067 Party all night
129068 I do my work prior to time

9. Choose your favorite post-apocalyptic movie?

129069 Demolition Man
129070 Mad Max
129071 WALL- E
129072 Mad Max

10. What is your favorite holiday?

129073 My birthday
129074 Christmas
129075 Independence day
129076 Thanksgiving

11. Choose your preferred ride?

129077 Motorcycle
129078 Horse
129079 Sportscar
129080 RV

12. What is your personality?

129081 Generous
129082 Resourceful
129083 Adventurous
129084 Aggressive
Let’s start the quiz

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